Capital Gains & Other Taxes Manual - Appendix 14 : Application for Post Transaction Valuation Check

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APPENDIX 14 : Application for Post Transaction Valuation Check

Name and address of Taxpayer

Inspectors reference


(if known)




(where appropriate)


Date of disposal


Name and address of purchaser


Reason for valuation


Rebasing to 31

March 1982


Market value



Other - please



Description of asset to be valued

Valuation date

Valuation offered


Shares - The description should include the name of the company, the registration number (if known) and the number of shares to be valued. Enter in the table your valuation per share and not the total value of your holding.

Land - The description should provide sufficient information to identify the property with details of your interest in the property and details of any tenancies existing at the valuation date. The term "land" includes both land and buildings.

Other - The description should provide sufficient information to identify the asset.


‘ûû’ items enclosed


A capital gains computation for the disposal with an estimate of your capital gains tax liability for the tax year in which you made the disposal, or for companies the corporation tax liability on chargeable gains


Details of any reliefs due or to be claimed in respect of the disposal


A copy of any valuation report obtained


If available, the cost and date of acquisition of the asset and details of any improvements made


For share valuations, accounts for the three years up to the valuation date


For land valuations,


? if you held a leasehold interest, a copy of the lease applying at the valuation date


? if the land was let at the valuation date, a copy of any tenancy agreement applying at that date


? a plan showing the location of the land if the valuation is of undeveloped land


Any other papers you feel may be relevant


Use this space to provide any other information that you consider is relevant to your valuation


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