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Practice Note 5: Appendix 2 – Disaggregation Layout plans

Example 1

The only access is through the main property front door and off the hall. The annex should be separately banded.

Example 2

The only access to this annex is from a living room of the main house. When the only access is from a habitable room (e.g. living room, bedroom etc.) then the annex cannot be separately banded.

Example 3

Although this is similar to the previous example there is an additional door from outside and consequently this annex should be separately banded.

Example 4

Although the only access to this annex is via the hall, stairs and landing of the main dwelling, the annexe should be separately banded. This annex could be located on any floor, the decision would be the same.

Example 5

This self-contained dwelling is physically separate from the main dwelling, however, its planning consent determined that it is ancillary to the main dwelling and cannot be sold separately from it. Despite this sales restriction it should be separately banded.

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