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Part 7: Management Information

VO letters and forms which are not included as appendices are available as MS Word Templates

7.1 Statistical Returns

Monthly statistical returns on CT work are supplied from the VOA's SAS statistics application. This facility relies on information extracted from the ITSD CT application and it is, therefore, essential that everything which will be reflected in one or more of these returns is input promptly.

Information is taken from each CT Unit and summarised separately for England and Wales, and for the Agency as a whole. Some returns are not available by BA from this source.

The returns are available within the Statistics folder on the Public drive P:\CEO1\Statistics\Council_Tax (this is not a clickable link) They are ‘read only’ and not capable of manipulation at CT Unit or local level. Information from these returns is used as part of the compilation of each Unit’s Management Plan Monitoring Return.

7.2 Contents of Returns

The returns provide the required information in a logical format intended to meet the needs not

only of Units but also of CEO and the client bodies.


Wales Only – Reports cleared within 3 months and reports cleared and outstanding.


Summary of maintenance reports
This return tracks the progress of maintenance reports, which have been categorised into various types to reflect the source of the reports and the method by which they have been cleared.

VO 7751

Wales Only – Valid appeals clearance and outstanding


Summary of valid appeals
This return tracks the progress of valid appeals, categorised into various types.

VO 7751f

England Only - Summary of Proposals


England only – Summary of Appeals direct


Summary of invalid appeals


Summary of appeals to the High Court


England Only - Considered Decisions


England Only – Handling of LO reports


England Only – Handling of LO reports/consequentials


Wales Only – Adherence to sub programming start dates

VO 7774

England Only – CT banding accuracy


England Only – CT elapsed time

7.3 Interpretation of Returns

Detailed explanations of what lies behind the entry in each of the columns in each return have been provided by CEO's SAS team and are available as Word documents on .P:\CEO1\Statistics\Council_Tax (this is not a clickable link).

Generally, where a date relates to the date of receipt, that date is the actual date and not any

date of input to the computer.

Where a date relates to clearance or settlement, that date is one of :-

  • the List alteration date;
  • the no action schedule date;
  • for withdrawn appeals only, the date of input to the application.

As an example, a maintenance report which is cleared by inputting a new band on the 31st of a month will be outstanding at the end of the month if the last Schedule of Alterations was produced on the 30th.

7.4 Valuation Tribunal Downloads

A listing of the contents of the download to the Valuation Tribunal Admin Unit is generated as part of the VT/VTE File Transmission procedure, and is available for output to hardcopy the day after the generation has taken place (see Section 3).

7.5 Statements of Numbers and Bands - CEO

The Analysis and Information Team compile a summary of property numbers and bands at BA level each quarter. This information is published on the intranet as part of the VOA’s official statistics release.

7.6 Other Returns

The need for other returns on CT work may arise from time to time for operational and other

business reasons. Ad hoc returns will be called for by means of instructions or announcements

on the VOA's intranet news page.

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