Valuation Office Agency - Council Tax Manual

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2: The Initial Banding Exercise – England & Wales; and the subsequent revaluation in Wales

Part 3: The Duties of a Listing Officer, Liaison with Stakeholders and Disclosure of Information

Part 4: Banding Dwellings in which Valuation Office Agency staff have a Personal Interest

Part 5: Supply of Information from Council Tax Lists

Part 6: Enquiries in Respect of a Proposed Purchase of a Dwelling.

Part 7: Management Information

Part 8: Transaction Reports and Integrity Checks

Part 9: Council Tax Main Enquiries – CDB Application

Appendix 1.2: Authority to Staff Member

Appendix 1.3 – Council Tax telephone query form

Appendix 1.4 Electronic Estate File

Appendix 1.5 : Council Tax Provision of Assessment of Band

Appendix 1.6 - Managing the Council Tax and NDR Borderline – Director’s Memo