Valuation Office Agency - Council Tax Manual

Part 1: Receipts and Reports

Part 2: Logged CR10 Reports (structural alterations – potential increase in band)

Part 3: Altering Council Tax Lists

Part 4: Schedules of Alterations and Subsequent Procedures including the Production of Full Council Tax Lists

Appendix 2.3 - Effective Dates For Council Tax Purposes - England and Wales

Appendix 2.4 – Sample of a Completion Notice

Appendix 2.5 – Visits to Confirm Property Attribute Data

Appendix 2.6 – Schedule of alterations

Appendix 2.7 – No Action Schedule

Appendix 2.8 - Statement of Numbers and Bands

Appendix 2.9: Aide-memoire for Team Leaders / Listing Officers considering multiple band reviews