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Appendix 2.1 - Council Tax Reports – Elapsed Time

Report Types Included in Elapsed Time Statistics

CR01 – Demolished

CR02 - Change from domestic use - Deletion from CT List

CR03 - New

CR04 - Change to domestic use – Inclusion in the CT List

CR05 - Reconstitutions (splits and mergers)

CR06 - Composite dwelling not covered by any other code

CR07 - Demolition of part – potential band reduction

CR09 - Other reports – immediate review

CR10 - Structural alterations – potential Increase

CR12 - Change of address

Report Types Excluded in Elapsed Time Statistics

CR08 – Not Used

CR11 - Boundary Change (ITSD Use)

CR13 - Boundary Change – New (ITSD use)

CR14 - Minor address change

CR15 - Enquiry received (No Proposal rights exist)

CR16 - Consequential to band alteration on a neighbouring

CR18 - Enquiry received (Proposal rights exist)

CR90 - Resolved at point of contact

CR99 - Outstanding enquiry

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