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Appendix 2.4 – Sample of a Completion Notice

Please note the following example may vary across different billing authorities.

Your Ref:

If telephoning or calling please ask for :


Our Ref:





Address of Property:
Completion Date:

In accordance with the aforementioned Act all unoccupied property, unless exempt, will be liable on an empty property charge.

It is the opinion of this Council that the above property could reasonably be expected to be completed by the Completion Date stated in this notice.

If six months after the Completion Date, the property remains empty and unfurnished, you will become liable to 50% of the Council Tax normally payable on the property band into which it falls.

Consequently, I ask you to confirm that you agree the property will be substantially completed by the Completion Date, by completing the lower half of the tear off coupon overleaf and returning it to the Freepost address given.

If you do not agree with the Completion Date, you should contact me by telephone on * or * (between 3.00pm and 4.30pm) in an attempt to agree a more reasonable alternative date. In addition you should let me know immediately if the property becomes furnished or occupied or if you sell the property.

If you wish to appeal against this Completion Notice you must do so within 28 days from the service of this notice.

When making this appeal you should send a copy of this notice along with a full explanation of the grounds of your appeal.

Finally please note that whilst an appeal is pending, the date shown on the Completion Notice will be the date used in calculating any Council Tax charges. You are liable to pay these charges in accordance with the instructions on the Council Tax account sent to you, until the results of your appeal is knows.

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to telephone me between 3.00pm and 4.30pm any weekday.


Property Inspector
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Completion Notice Response


Property Address:
Property Reference:
Completion Date:
I agree that this property will be substantially completed by the completion date stated above.
Position in Company:
Please return to:-

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