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Appendix 2.9: Aide-memoire for Team Leaders / Listing Officers considering multiple band reviews


This must be summarised in an easy to follow format.

Review AVD evidence

Condition of properties? Basic, needing work, improved or modernised. (Remember "reasonable repair").

Office Records

Key Property Sheets, Street Sheets/Milo
Historic sales particulars? Domestic Surveys
Local Knowledge, CT Settlement Sheets etc.

Tone of the list?

Are we at the stage where, to import from Rating Law, a tone of the list has been established? Review settlements and VT/VTE decisions in the area.

Analysis of Evidence

Need a detailed analysis of evidence - Is this strong enough to persuade a Valuation Tribunal? [Basic spreadsheet can help]
This needs to be looked at by the Team Leader and Listing Officer personally. (Consider the principles in Lotus and Delta).


There are differences in England and Wales

Listing Officers rights to change the list

LO cannot change list following VT/VTE or HC decision, (unless there has been a subsequent material change). LO can increase if a previous agreement was made in error or after a previous LO notice. So, need to investigate each dwelling where it is proposed to amend the band, be it up or down, and establish banding history.

Material Increase / Relevant Transaction

Any Material Increase and Relevant Transaction can lead to a band increase. There doesn't have to be a CR10: that is simply an administrative procedure. [Remember the ED will be DOS in England from 010407].

Right of appeal

SI 1993/290 Reg 5(6). 6 month to appeal the change.



Generally the LO should not be doing "bulk" reviews

Policy is to amend bandings only when the evidence is compelling.

Final decision rest with Listing Officer

CEO can help in the decision making process and advice on policy. Valuation issues must be decided locally and the LO must be prepared to support staff and attend VT/VTE where necessary.
[In essence, if the LO isn't prepared to personally stand up in VTVTE, you shouldn't be reviewing the bandings]

Evidence needs to be strong for the increased banding

This ties in with analysis of evidence and the need to persuade a VT/VTE of the appropriate banding

All notices should be sent on same day

SI 1993/290 Reg 14(6 & 7). Increase from DOS

Customer Service


BA's must be kept in the loop

BAs will be need to know of reductions because of refunds and increases because of complaints.

CSM needs to be involved

Customer service and dealing with questions or complaints must be coordinated and controlled. CSM should not make valuation judgements but consider procedures & processes.

Press / Media / Public

Procedure in place to deal with Media enquiries? (Contact Media Relations Manager?)

Affected CT payers

Warned in advance? Given a contact name: needs to be a person capable of answering detailed questions on both valuation and process. Suggest the TL.

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