Inheritance tax manual - Appendix 6b: VO 1165 - Reporting formal cases to SAV

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VOA Formal Report

TITLE Inheritance Tax Manual – Appendix 6b - Form VO 1165 – Reporting Formal cases to SAV

TUS consultation sent to Paul Vardy, Jerry Bromfield, Jim McKenna, Gwenda Binks

Appendix 6b: Form VO 1165 – Reporting Formal Negotiated cases to SAV

VOA Formal Report

To: HMRC Shares & Assets Valuation

From: VOA

VOA reference: *

SAV reference: *

Company name: *

Taxpayer’s name: *

Tax type: *

Date of valuation *

Nature of valuation supplied: *

Address of Property: Valuation:
* *

Further information: *

The above has been agreed with: *

Caseworker name: *

Date: *

Telephone: *

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