Rating Manual - Volume 2 - Section 15 - Appendix 8 - Example Initial Letter sent to Appellant

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Dear *

Property Address * [Property Address]

I have received a copy of your appeal to the XXXX Valuation Tribunal made because you are aggrieved at a penalty imposed by me for failure to supply information.

I would like the opportunity of discussing your appeal before any hearing by the valuation tribunal and would be grateful if you could contact me.

* [If return not received, the following should be added]

You have not, as yet, supplied the information I requested and, as I advised you in my letter of XXXX, the penalty will continue to increase at the rate of £20 a day until £500 or the rateable value figure is reached whichever is the higher. May I remind you that this increase in penalty will stop if you supply the information requested.

Please let me know if you have any queries about your appeal.

Yours *,

Valuation Officer
* Group

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