Rating manual - Volume 2 - Section 6 - Appendix 3 - VO 7057 Notice to Interested person under Reg 11(3) [2005 Regulations Wales 2009 Regulations England]

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Proposal To Alter The 2005 Rating List

Dear *

This notice is important and requires your immediate consideration

Proposal to alter the 2005 rating list

Billing Authority : *
Reference Number : *
Address : *
Date Proposal received : *

On * you served notice on me that you wished to be a party to proceedings in respect of the proposal to alter the Rating List dated * made by * in respect of the above property.

I am writing to notify you that the person who made the proposal (a copy is enclosed) has now withdrawn it.

Although the proposal has been withdrawn, you may have the right to pursue the matter, but only if you would have been entitled to make the proposal when it was originally made. A copy of Guidance Notes for the completion of a proposal is enclosed which may assist you in deciding whether you are entitled to exercise that right.

If you consider you are entitled to exercise that right and wish to do so, you should complete the attached notice VO 7058. It must be served on me within six weeks beginning on the date this notice is served on you.

Provided the notice is properly completed, it will be treated as a proposal made by you on the date I receive it, in the same terms as the original proposal.

Should you have any enquiries about this notice, please contact this office quoting the above reference.

Yours faithfully

Valuation Officer


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