Rating manual - Volume 2 - Section 6 - Appendix 12 - VO 7301

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Your Proposal To Alter The 2005 Non Domestic Rating List

Dear *

Billing Authority : *
Reference No : *
Rateable Value : *
Address : *
Date Proposal Received : *

Further to our recent communication regarding my agreement to alter the rating list in light of your proposal, I enclose copies of an agreement form.

If you still agree that the rating list should be altered in accordance with the attached agreement forms, please sign them, keep one copy for your records and return the remainder to me. Once I have received these and signed them myself, the rating list will be altered accordingly.

If you have any queries please contact my office, a member of staff will be pleased to assist you. You will find more information on business rates at www.voa.gov.uk and www.businesslink.gov.uk, both official government websites.

Yours faithfully

Valuation Officer


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