Rating Manual Volume 3

Section 6 : Inspections and Miscellaneous Administrative Matters

1. Management Matters

2. Delegation of Responsibility

3. Inspection of rating records

4. Inspection of Property

5. Conduct of an Inspection

6. Abortive Visits to Hereditaments

7. Difficulties in Inspecting Property

8. Inspection of Properties where special precautions are required

9. Damage to Private Property during Inspections

10. Signing of Documents

11. Queries to and attitude to the Press

12. Filing of Survey and Valuation Sheets

13. Copies of Rating Lists to Third Parties

14. Local Purchases by VOs

15. Photographs for production at a VT, the UT or in Arbitration

16. Postcodes

APPENDIX 3:6:3 VO9106

Appointment To Inspect

Appendix 3:6:4

Appendix 3:6:5