Rating Manual Volume 4

Section 1: Valuing Vacant Property

1. General

2. The potential effect of the 2008 changes

3 Valuation considerations for empty property

4. Background

5. No demand – obsolescence

6. When next in use

7. Private storage premises - some domestic storage use

8. Works of alteration

9. Vacant Former Agricultural Buildings

10. Vacant New Buildings

11. Keeping a Record of Empty Property Cases

APPENDIX 1. Vacant Property Inspection Checklist

The Property:

The Surrounding Area

Other research

APPENDIX 2. Caseworkers EPR aide-mémoire

APPENDIX 3. Works within Hereditaments

APPENDIX 4. Fire Regulations and their effect on the use of property

1.0 Introduction

2.0 The effect of Fire Regulations on the rateable hereditament

3 The Fire Safety Regulations and process for enactment.

4.0 The enforcement process

5.0 Summary

Appendix 5 : Flowchart to assist Rating Caseworkers