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After Registration

Rent register

(v1 2009)

Once the rent officer has determined a fair rent, a rent register entry is produced. The rent officer must maintain a register of all effective registered rents and make sure that it is kept up-to-date. The register must be made available for public inspection at any reasonable time and anyone can buy a certified copy of any entry in the register. The prescribed fee is £1 per copy.

Most rent registers since 2003 are held electronically and are available to view via the VOA website. Register entries older than 2003 may be held in paper form in a central archive. These registers are available on demand provided that an address and either a register number and / or date of registration can be provided.

Each register entry must contain:

  • the rent payable for the tenancy;
  • a specification of the dwelling house; and,
  • the prescribed particulars with regard to the tenancy.

The prescribed particulars are:

  • address of the premises;
  • names and addresses of landlord and tenant;
  • if granted for a term, date of commencement and length of term;
  • the rental period;
  • the landlord’s and tenant’s liabilities for repair;
  • details of any services provided by the landlord or a superior landlord;
  • details of any furniture provided by the landlord or a superior landlord ;
  • (in the case of a statutory tenancy arising at the end of a long tenancy at low rent) particulars of the initial repairs;
  • the liability for payment of council tax for the accommodation let to the tenant;
  • any other terms of the tenancy taken into consideration in determining the fair rent.

Separate parts of the rent register are kept for:

  • Regulated tenancies,
  • Housing association tenancies and
  • Statutory tenancies under the Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976.

In addition to the prescribed particulars above, best practice developed since 1966 is to include

  • Date of decision
  • Effective date

These dates have now become essential to enable the rent officer to calculate the rent under the Rent Act (Maximum Fair Rent) Order 1999.

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